Sunday, December 17, 2006

1 Guth, 8 Nights, 36 Bloggers

Amy Guth, the author of Three Fallen Women, had a great idea to do a Chanukah Blog Tour. The 1st night was Leah of Accidently Jewish, the 2nd night was Avi of Tikkun Ger and one of my favourite bloggers Jessica of Suburban Kvetch. I can't wait to meet the rest of the J-Bloggers along the way. Amy meme'd me for the Third Night of Chanukah. I received her book for Chanukah and if you want one of your very own, you can buy it here.

So, here are my answers:

1. Quick! You must turn a plate of latkes into an upscale gourmet delight(as if they aren't already?). What would you add to them to dress them up, flavor and/or garnish them?
I would have to add an Asian flair to it a la this recipe. (Hat tip to Velveteen Rabbi for the link and to Ethan for the recipe.)

2. What is the dumbest thing you've ever heard anyone say about Chanukah?
That's a tie between, "You can't celebrate Chanukah, you're Chinese!" and "Oh, I thought Chanukah was the Jewish word for Christmas."

3. What's the best possible use for olive oil?
With lemon on Israeli salad...yum!

4. Settle it once and for all. Latkes or hammentaschen? Which to you prefer? What about pitting the winner of that contest against sufganiyot?
After my 1000 latke fiasco, I am surprised to say... latkes. But who wouldn't want to eat something fried in oil vs. a cookie with prunes in it? And latkes beat out sufganiyot unless the sufganiyot are just out of the oil - then and only then do they rule over everything.

5. What's the best way to mix up a game of dreidel?
I say write the letters in Chinese - that would sure mix everyone up. (Although Jewish mah-johng players sort of read Chinese.)

6. My novel, Three Fallen Women, shockingly enough, is about the lives of three women. Which three women would you like to have over this year for latkes and why?
Laura Jarblum Margolis because of her work with Holocaust refugees in the Shanghai ghetto. Judaism and China...what more could a Chinese Jew like myself ask for in a dinner guest?

Mrs. Balabusta because you have to admire a Mom of six kids who manages to avoid insanity. (I only have one and sometimes I walk that fine line between sane and cukoo.) Oh yeah and she's Psychotoddler's wife and I would love to hear her side of his stories.

And my best friend "e" because no one could ever ask for a better friend than her.

7. Other than Three Fallen Women (har har), what book do you think would make a great Chanukah gift this year? What book would you like to receive as a gift this year?
I think that The Book Thief would make a great Chanukah gift. I love the choice of Death as the narrator. I read about Elaine Soloway's book, The Division Street Princess on Amy's blog and I would love for this to be my next book.

8. What bloggers didn't participate in Chanukah Blog Tour 5767 and you think should have?
Don't know if they've signed up, but just in case... Amishav, Yo Yenta and Neil.


Elaine Soloway said...

Terrific blog, and I love that you mentioned my book. You're a sweetheart.
Elaine Soloway

Jessica said...

"Oh, I thought Chanukah was the Jewish word for Christmas"

That is AWESOME! Chanukah is Hebrew for Christmas. I'm still giggling!

Amy Guth said...

I know! The Jewish word for Christmas?!?! How hilarious!

Thanks again, Orieyenta. This was great!

Leah said...

Crap. You mean it ISN'T the jewish word for christmas...

I better tell my Rabbi.


RaggedyMom said...

Interesting list. I appreciated your Wiki link - my grandfather spent several years in Shanghai as a child with his family during the Holocaust and used to tell us stories that started "When I was a little boy in China . . . " and for a long time I thought he was kidding!

AnnieGetYour said...

Some of us MOTs do, in fact, read chinese. I hadn't really thought about making a dreidl in Chinese, but now that you mention it, I know what tonight's arts and crafts project is going to be.

orieyenta said...

Elaine - thanks for stopping by. Your book is on it's way to my home, I can't wait.

Jess, Amy and Leah - I got a follow up to that one. Yesterday someone asked me if Chanukah was the same thing as Kwanzaa. Oy.

RM - I found our about the Shanghai Ghetto via another blog reader. I bet your Dad could tell some amazing stories.

Annie - would love to see the end result!