Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tikkun Olam for fish?

A friend of mine recently brought her daughter to a birthday party where one of the party favors was a little fish bowl with an actual live fish in it. (Geez - that's a far cry from the party favor bags of little plastic toys and a few pieces of candy that I hand out.) When we went to visit them, LO was thrilled about the fish since she has been begging me for a fish for Chanukah. As the girls ran off to check out the fish, the Mom reminded them not to feed the fish too much, not to touch it, etc.

A few minutes pass...and then we hear the evilest of laughs coming from the other side of the house.

My friend gets up and next I hear, "Unlock this door!"

Uh-oh. The girls apparently were in the bathroom with the door locked.


She walks in and sees LO with her hands cupped and guess what is in her hands? (If you guessed the fish, you were right.) LO immediately threw it into the sink so as not to look guilty.

Apparently the girls decided to take tikkun olam to a new level. They decided that the fish didn't have enough room in the little bowl and that it would be happier in the sink because it had much more space. I didn't have the heart to ask why they felt that the fish also needed to be washed with soap.

B"H as of this morning, the fish was still swimming. But I'm thinking now that getting LO a fish for Chanukah might not be the smartest thing I have ever done.


Bice said...

If your hands get slimy handling fish don't just clean your hands, clean the source. Makes perfect sense to me.

On a completely unrelated side note, I just wanted to say that I love your liberal use of Judaic and Yiddish words and phrases throughout the site (with hyperlinks that educate the uninformed).

It's neat because it allows me to connect with the essense of who you are as a person.

Jessica said...

Wow...that was nice of them to think that the fish needed more space.

Amazing that the little guy is still swimming!

Anonymous said...

At our Chanukah fair I actively rooted for my son not to win a fish. Not nice, but they die so quickly.

And then we have this whole discussion about death. I need to get some stronger fish that last longer.