Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Jewish Gingerbread House

A very good friend of mine attends cooking demonstrations at Macy's. This past weekend instead of having a cooking demonstration they had an event where kids could come and make gingerbread houses. (I know this is like selling out to the whole Christmas thing but it got LO out of the house and away from the TV and the video games.)

While LO, my friend, and I tried to put our house together, I kept glancing around at everyone else's masterpieces. Then I would look at ours. All I could think of when I would look at ours is that this was exactly why Jews don't make gingerbread houses.

The woman leading the demonstration was wonderful. She came around and praised each and every child's house no matter what it looked like (and ours was certainly a big mess). She asked each child to say a little something about their house. LO simply looked at her and replied, "My house looks farkakte. It's meshugganah."

The look we see on people's faces when this little Chinese kid throws a couple of Yiddish words into a conversation is priceless.


Bice said...

Now THAT is funny! I can only imagine the looks. Did you just howl with laughter or were you able to hold it in?

Liberal Jew said...

Gavelt what a shanda it was that the camera was not there to shoot such a shocked punim of the shicksa cookie maker.

that is my yiddish for the day.

Great story though!

Jessica said...

I just laughed and laughed as I imagined people's reactions to LO's yiddish.

Nice gingerbread house, by the way.

RaggedyMom said...

What a cutie LO is! I hope the house was delicious!

orieyenta said...

Bice - we could not hold the laughter in. It's always a risk when going out in public with LO an her mouth.

LJ - Too funny. Yiddish always makes me giggle.

Jessica - thanks - I'm glad she made you laugh too!

RM - Oh, were we supposed to eat it? After having touched every part of it, even she didn't dare eat any of it (germaphobic just like Mom!)

Ayelet said...

What a hoot!

kollelmama said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you've put up a lot of posts! The gingerbread house is very cute- I doubt that my boy could have done any better- in fact I think LO would kick his butt in a building competition.