Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miami Beach Synagogue Vandalized

Since I made my blog private I don't have the readership that I used to but perhaps you all can get the word out about this - they certainly could use all the help they can get at this time...

Miami Beach Synagogue Vandalized


Police on Tuesday were investigating a fire that damaged a Miami Beach synagogue early Tuesday during Passover. The Chabad Shul, located at 2401 Pinetree Dr., was vandalized and its Torah stolen.

According to CBS4 Tiffani Helberg, detectives were told by congregation members that the Torah, a religious scroll of Jewish laws and customs, a centerpiece of its religion, was taken. Pieces of the Torah were found outside. Its value is more than $40,000.

"We could see all the prayer books there, all burnt up you can find them, but not one inch of the Torah remnants," said Rabbi Zev Katz. "And we found the pole to the Torah outside. Something strange happened; this is definitely criminal activity."The rabbi said he believed the fire was intentionally set, but Miami Beach fire officials have not confirmed it. The pole that holds the Torah found outside was brought to the attention of investigators as a clue as to what might of happened.A service on Friday at 7:00 pm will go on, and it will likely take place outside on the back lawn.

Congregation members have posted a $1,000 reward for information to find who might be responsible.

Click on Chabad House on Wheels to learn more and if you could help.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Uhh...that's not kosher

My company has flown in a candidate from Chicago to interview for a Vice President position. The headhunter said to be prepared because the man keeps "strictly kosher". Be that as it may, the department secretary came to me for advice on what they could feed him. I explained that in our area there are no kosher restaurants but that there is a kosher market where they could take out food for him. I also explained how they could not use the plates and utensils from our cafeteria. (I also offered to bring him to dinner in North Miami where there is a plethora of kosher restaurants as well as give suggestions in case he needed a shul to daven at. ) I left it at that figuring they would ask me if they had any more questions.

I completely forgot about it over the weekend until this morning when I saw a man with a kippah in our department. So I went to ask the secretary what they decided to do for lunch for him. She told me that they were bringing him to a restaurant and then she told me which one. She explained that they were "kosher style". I explained how this was NOT ENOUGH. I explained how they serve pork products there and how he won't even be able to drink a glass of water there. No one seems to care. I am so embarassed even though this candidate does not affect my particular work. I am almost tempted to give him my own lunch. Ugh.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Refuah Shlemah

Update: Esther had a heart attack and acute bronchitis but is doing much better now. We were able to see her and she is almost back to her usual self. We are continuing to pray for a complete and speedy recovery for her and thank each and every one of you for your words of support and prayers.

We got a phone call yesterday that PHD's mom was brought to the hospital. She is in ICU and we don' t have all the details yet. All we know is that she is having trouble breathing.

This morning LO asked me if Grandma Esther will be ok. I didn't have the heart to lie to her. Afterall, Esther is 92 years old. I explained to LO that we could only pray for her and that it was up to G-d. The tears that welled up in her eyes broke my heart.

Please daven for Esther bat Baila.