Monday, April 14, 2008

Uhh...that's not kosher

My company has flown in a candidate from Chicago to interview for a Vice President position. The headhunter said to be prepared because the man keeps "strictly kosher". Be that as it may, the department secretary came to me for advice on what they could feed him. I explained that in our area there are no kosher restaurants but that there is a kosher market where they could take out food for him. I also explained how they could not use the plates and utensils from our cafeteria. (I also offered to bring him to dinner in North Miami where there is a plethora of kosher restaurants as well as give suggestions in case he needed a shul to daven at. ) I left it at that figuring they would ask me if they had any more questions.

I completely forgot about it over the weekend until this morning when I saw a man with a kippah in our department. So I went to ask the secretary what they decided to do for lunch for him. She told me that they were bringing him to a restaurant and then she told me which one. She explained that they were "kosher style". I explained how this was NOT ENOUGH. I explained how they serve pork products there and how he won't even be able to drink a glass of water there. No one seems to care. I am so embarassed even though this candidate does not affect my particular work. I am almost tempted to give him my own lunch. Ugh.


Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad said...

Oy, my wife ran into something similar, a co-worker took her out to lunch, swearing up and down that the restaurant was kosher. Hmmm, BLT on the menu, I don't think it's kosher. "But they have Hebrew National salami and bologna! And the name of the restaurant is in Hebrew!!!" ("Chutzpah," Yiddish, and they certainly did have chutzpah). Some people just don't get it.

Please let us know if you hear how the lunch/interview went. I wouldn't blame the guy if he passed on the job. At least you tried. I actually have a few La Briute meals tucked away in my office in case I forget lunch or something. In the back of my mind I also thought if I ran into a similar situation as you just did, I could toss him a meal.

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

It's really hard to explain to some people for some reason. I've also noticed that it's often MORE difficult to explain to non-observant Jews than to religious people of other faiths. *shrug*

Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad said...

Good point, the co-worker who went to lunch with my wife was Jewish... and didn't get it.

orieyenta said...

JDMD - I'm sad to say that I bet they wouldn't hire him simply because he is such an observant Jew. Certainly I would have been INCREDIBLY HAPPY to have another Jew in the department so that people wouldn't think I am so odd. Oy. Thanks for the La Briute idea - I have those stored away for hurricanes so I could have easily brought one for him. Great idea - thanks!

KRG - I so agree with you. Turns out the person who picked out the "kosher style" restaurant despite my explanation is a non-observant Jew.