Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oznei Haman

I have a Jewish calendar in my cubicle that has a special photograph that is symbolic for each month. This month's pages have pictures related to Purim. A gentile friend came to my desk today and asked me about the pictures. He first pointed to the gragger and I explained that it was a noisemaker. Then he pointed to a plate of hamentashen and I explained that those were cookies that we make and send to our friends. He said, "Ooo, you're going to make me some cookies?" I said, "Sure, I'll make you some so you can share in our tradition." I then went on to tell him how they were named hamentashen after a man named Haman. I explained that in the book of Esther the story is told of how Haman wanted to kill all the Jews. Because "oznei haman" was in my head, I told him that the translation of the name for the cookie was "Haman's ears". He looked at me and said, "you bake and eat cookies to represent the ears of someone that wanted to kill the Jews"? I replied, "Um...yes, I guess so."

I don't think he wants me to make him any hamentschen anymore.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Trip to Honduras = Trip to Hebron

PHD has just been asked to do some volunteer work in Honduras. For him it would be the perfect opportunity to practice his Spanish. For me, it would be two weeks home alone worrying about him since here's a little excerpt from the US Department of State website,

"Crime is endemic in Honduras and requires a high degree of caution by U.S. visitors and residents alike. U.S. citizens have been the victims of a wide range of crimes, including murder, kidnapping, rape, assault, and property crimes. Fifty-seven U.S. citizens have been murdered in Honduras since 1995, with a significant recent increase. Only eighteen cases have been resolved. Kidnapping of U.S. citizens has occurred in Honduras, including two incidents in 2006. Poverty, gangs, and low apprehension and conviction rates of criminals contribute to a high crime rate, including horrific acts of mass murder. "

The thought of him going honestly makes me want to vomit.

The bright side? If he goes to Honduras, his argument that we can't go to Me'arat HaMachpela when we are in Isreal because he is not putting himself or our family in danger is out the window. Always look on the bright side, right?