Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A shidduch for me?

She is persistent if anything and so LO has continued to do what she calls shopping for a husband for me.

Here's her latest attempt with the man she has chosen for my husband:

LO: Are you Jewish?

(Since we met him at shul, she had to know he is Jewish but I am guessing that she was just double-checking to be on the safe side.)

Him: Yes

LO: Do you like Chinese ladies?

Him: Yes - I like them A LOT.

LO: Do you like little Chinese girls?

Him: Yes - I love them and I love to eat them up.

(She looked amused albeit a tad bit scared at this comment.)

LO: Would you like to marry a Chinese lady? You know, like my Mom?

Him: I think so.

Uh-oh. Could this actually be a shidduch for me?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Winston's Conversion

I thought I would update everyone on Winston and his trip to the mikveh. (Don't worry, she didn't throw him into the body of water behind her in the picture.)

When we walked into Shul on Friday night, LO was off and running. She went to talk with our Rabbi and I had no clue what she was talking about but he was nodding his head in agreement and smiling the whole time.

At the oneg, the Rabbi told me about their conversation. She apparently was concerned that Winston was not Jewish and she wanted to arrange for him to go to the mikveh as soon as possible. She also made sure to point out to the Rabbi that although Winston was not Jewish, he was wearing a baseball hat to cover his head so he could attend services. (Oy - this kid!) The Rabbi explained that teddy bears had a special blessing that would make them Jewish and that unlike people, it is not necessary for teddy bears to go to the mikveh. She seemed satisifed with this and seems at ease knowing that her teddy bear is now a member of the Jewish people.

She continued to "make the rounds" at all the tables being what I can only describe as a "cheerleader for Judaism". I shook my head, looked at the Rabbi and motioned toward her and said, "There she is, the future of the Jewish people." The Rabbi replied, "I think we are in good hands."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

LO the shadchan?

Last month LO seemed to be searching for a husband of her own. However, it seems that lately she has taken it upon herself to search for a husband for me. Oh yeah, I know you think this sounds cute but really how does it look when your 8-year old is trying to find you a husband? Yep, you're right. It's PATHETHIC. (But then again, I'll take LO's matchmaking over JDate nightmares anyday!)

Her first attempt at playing shadchan was her suggestion that our Rabbi would be a great husband for me. Yep - she aims high - she went straight for the Rabbi. I had to explain that there was just one problem with this suggestion...he's married.

She didn't let her first failed attempt at a shidduch deter her from trying again. She spends much of her time at shul looking around and pointing out men who she thinks would be great husbands for me. She doesn't factor into the equation that most of the men she points out are either (1) married, (2) over the age of 70, or (3) all of the above.

I think she has now given up on trying to gain my approval. At shul the other day she ran up to a very good friend of mine and motioned to him to bend down so she could tell him something. He laughed and had a huge grin on his face.

Want to know what she whispered in his ear?

"Marry my Mom."

Do you think he'll take her advice?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winston goes to the mikveh

I was waiting to write this post until I could take a picture with LO and Winston. However, I hear that there is someone who is a little unpatient looking for a new post from me. And since I have all of 7 readers, I wouldn't dare lose him.'s a "placemark" picture for my post. I'll update the post with LO's picture later.

After all of the adoption paperwork for LO went to China, all I had to do was wait. For anyone with a child, surely you can understand that this waiting is much like being pregnant except for the fact that the whole process takes longer than 9 months. (Oh and another benefit is that I didn't have to gain a million pounds to have her.) Sometimes the wait was unbearable for me (pun intended) and my sister did her best to help me deal with it. One day she brought me to Build-A-Bear Workshop and we built a teddy bear for LO long before we even knew who she was. We named the bear Winston after my grandfather Z"L.

LO has never been all that attached to any of her stuffed animals but recently she has decided that Winston is her favourite bear and that he has to go everywhere with us. On the way to Hebrew school yesterday we had the following conversation:

LO: Mama, is Winston Jewish?

Me: Well, um...I guess he is since you are his mother and you are Jewish.

LO: But he didn't come out of my belly so he can't be Jewish until he goes to the

Me: (Trying very hard not to laugh) Um...well I guess you are right. Since he didn't come out of your belly he will need to be converted.

LO: (looking at Winston) Winston, don't worry, you can go to the
mikveh and it's not scary and then you can be Jewish just like us! Mama, can we ask the Rabbi when he can take Winston to the mikveh?

Me: Sure we can ask him.

This of course led to this conversation:

LO: Can I bring Winston to Shabbat with us?

Me: As long as he doesn't make too much noise during services you can bring him.

LO: Will he have to wear a kippah?

Me: Well he's a boy so he will have to wear one.

LO: Ok, can we make him one?

Me: Yes - we'll make him one.

LO: How will it stay on?

Me: We'll figure out a way.

LO: Ok, but don't sew it to his head, it might hurt.

Me: I promise, we won't hurt him.

So, I actually did speak to the Rabbi (and no, he didn't think I was meshugganah). He said he would have to look up the blessing for converting her bear but it looks like Winston will be going to the mikveh.

Is this kid Jewish or what? (I'm kvelling.)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Six months in captivity

I know, it's unusual for my blog to be anything but an opportunity for me to kvell about my little girl. She really is a blessing in my life. Come to think of it, my life is pretty good. Just to name a few things, I have my "Little Orieyenta", a wonderful man in my life, and a wonderful shul where I couldn't ask for a better Rabbi. I am so thankful to G-d for these and many other things. At the same's important to keep others in mind as well.

It's been six months...please do not let them be forgotten.

(photo: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

May we all continue to recite Tehillim and pray for Ehud ben Malka (אהוד בן מלכה), Eldad ben Tova (אלדד בן טובה), and Gilad ben Aviva (גלעד בן אביבה) until they are safe at home.

Shabbat Shalom.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Link to Jack Day

Jack must be:
a) meshugannah
b) running out of blog material
c) bored at work
d) all of the above

(I'm kidding, you know we love you Jack.)

From Jack's Shack...

"Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. I am asking everyone who comes by the blog to join me in celebrating Link To Jack Day.Unlike Festivus there are no feats of strength or airing of grievances. All that I ask is that each one of you link to one of my posts and then leave me a comment letting me know that you did so.And now let the festivities begin. Link Away!"

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pick Five Eat Four

Every year at this time, LO and I head out to the strawberry fields to pick our own strawberries. I always joke that it's a good thing that they don't weigh her before and after since she probably eats 4 out of every 5 that she picks. This year was no different than any of the others and she left with a full belly and strawberry juice all over her face and clothes.

It was a beautiful day here in South Florida and we took full advantage of the weather. To our friends that live in places that look like this:

We send you warmth and an open invitation to come visit the Sunshine State anytime!