Thursday, January 11, 2007

Link to Jack Day

Jack must be:
a) meshugannah
b) running out of blog material
c) bored at work
d) all of the above

(I'm kidding, you know we love you Jack.)

From Jack's Shack...

"Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. I am asking everyone who comes by the blog to join me in celebrating Link To Jack Day.Unlike Festivus there are no feats of strength or airing of grievances. All that I ask is that each one of you link to one of my posts and then leave me a comment letting me know that you did so.And now let the festivities begin. Link Away!"


~ Sarah ~ said...

links are a good way to boost your blogs ratings i guess!

Anonymous said...

I love these fun things that people do

Jack's Shack said...

Thanks for the link, I appreciate it.

Bice said...

Blog shilling at it's best. You've gotta love his straightforwardness.

Jack's Shack said...


You never know what can happen until you try.