Monday, January 29, 2007

Winston's Conversion

I thought I would update everyone on Winston and his trip to the mikveh. (Don't worry, she didn't throw him into the body of water behind her in the picture.)

When we walked into Shul on Friday night, LO was off and running. She went to talk with our Rabbi and I had no clue what she was talking about but he was nodding his head in agreement and smiling the whole time.

At the oneg, the Rabbi told me about their conversation. She apparently was concerned that Winston was not Jewish and she wanted to arrange for him to go to the mikveh as soon as possible. She also made sure to point out to the Rabbi that although Winston was not Jewish, he was wearing a baseball hat to cover his head so he could attend services. (Oy - this kid!) The Rabbi explained that teddy bears had a special blessing that would make them Jewish and that unlike people, it is not necessary for teddy bears to go to the mikveh. She seemed satisifed with this and seems at ease knowing that her teddy bear is now a member of the Jewish people.

She continued to "make the rounds" at all the tables being what I can only describe as a "cheerleader for Judaism". I shook my head, looked at the Rabbi and motioned toward her and said, "There she is, the future of the Jewish people." The Rabbi replied, "I think we are in good hands."


Ayelet said...

That's terrific. What a ray of sunshine!

Jack said...


Jessica said...

That picture of LO and Winston is just too cute!

And mazel tov to LO and Winston on his joining the tribe.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I read the bit about being a cheerleader for Judaism- what a hoot. She is something really special indeed. I'm glad she bought into the idea of a blessing for teddy bears- that saves you a whole lot of hassle- and for Winston too!

Ro said...

Glad Winstons conversion did not involve a spin in the dryer.

Mazel Tov LO and Winston

orieyenta said...

Thanks everyone. She is quite the character and you never know what is going on inside her head.

I'm glad to know that she is at ease now that Winston is one of us. I just hope she doesn't decide that we have to bring all the stuffed animals she owns to shul...that is no small number.

Anonymous said...

You know, you will be ALL SET when it comes time to write the parent speech for your daughter's bat mitzvah. The only hard part will be deciding what to leave out. There will not be a dry eye in the house.