Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A shidduch for me?

She is persistent if anything and so LO has continued to do what she calls shopping for a husband for me.

Here's her latest attempt with the man she has chosen for my husband:

LO: Are you Jewish?

(Since we met him at shul, she had to know he is Jewish but I am guessing that she was just double-checking to be on the safe side.)

Him: Yes

LO: Do you like Chinese ladies?

Him: Yes - I like them A LOT.

LO: Do you like little Chinese girls?

Him: Yes - I love them and I love to eat them up.

(She looked amused albeit a tad bit scared at this comment.)

LO: Would you like to marry a Chinese lady? You know, like my Mom?

Him: I think so.

Uh-oh. Could this actually be a shidduch for me?


Ayelet said...

Wouldn't that be so cool?

Anonymous said...

That would be great! But would LO be on the menu? (HA) Seriously, what a cute conversation.

Ro said...

If that worked out then I guess there would be something to the, "kids have a gift for that sort of thing." theory. :)

Jessica said...

She is so cute! And he sounds good with kids too.

VJ said...

Hey if it works, why not? He was just biding his time evidently! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

Annie said...

That is absolutely hilarious. Kids can be so much blunter than adults... maybe you can send LO out to test out any prospective shidduchim.