Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winston goes to the mikveh

I was waiting to write this post until I could take a picture with LO and Winston. However, I hear that there is someone who is a little unpatient looking for a new post from me. And since I have all of 7 readers, I wouldn't dare lose him.'s a "placemark" picture for my post. I'll update the post with LO's picture later.

After all of the adoption paperwork for LO went to China, all I had to do was wait. For anyone with a child, surely you can understand that this waiting is much like being pregnant except for the fact that the whole process takes longer than 9 months. (Oh and another benefit is that I didn't have to gain a million pounds to have her.) Sometimes the wait was unbearable for me (pun intended) and my sister did her best to help me deal with it. One day she brought me to Build-A-Bear Workshop and we built a teddy bear for LO long before we even knew who she was. We named the bear Winston after my grandfather Z"L.

LO has never been all that attached to any of her stuffed animals but recently she has decided that Winston is her favourite bear and that he has to go everywhere with us. On the way to Hebrew school yesterday we had the following conversation:

LO: Mama, is Winston Jewish?

Me: Well, um...I guess he is since you are his mother and you are Jewish.

LO: But he didn't come out of my belly so he can't be Jewish until he goes to the

Me: (Trying very hard not to laugh) Um...well I guess you are right. Since he didn't come out of your belly he will need to be converted.

LO: (looking at Winston) Winston, don't worry, you can go to the
mikveh and it's not scary and then you can be Jewish just like us! Mama, can we ask the Rabbi when he can take Winston to the mikveh?

Me: Sure we can ask him.

This of course led to this conversation:

LO: Can I bring Winston to Shabbat with us?

Me: As long as he doesn't make too much noise during services you can bring him.

LO: Will he have to wear a kippah?

Me: Well he's a boy so he will have to wear one.

LO: Ok, can we make him one?

Me: Yes - we'll make him one.

LO: How will it stay on?

Me: We'll figure out a way.

LO: Ok, but don't sew it to his head, it might hurt.

Me: I promise, we won't hurt him.

So, I actually did speak to the Rabbi (and no, he didn't think I was meshugganah). He said he would have to look up the blessing for converting her bear but it looks like Winston will be going to the mikveh.

Is this kid Jewish or what? (I'm kvelling.)


Jessica said...

I can't wait to hear how this turns out...because I don't think it would be healthy for Winston to get dipped three times in the water.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious- that she actually said that the bear would have to go the mikveh is unreal! When is she going to go to rabbinic school.

Sona said...

A very cute story. Thank you.


The Babka Nosher said...

Out of the mouths of babes! About 5 months after my husband converted, my daughter told her teacher that her daddy "used to be plain, but now he's Jewish." So now we refer to his "prior life" as his plain days!

Anonymous said...

maybe you could give winston a bris - jew in ok :)

Jack's Shack said...

That is very cute.

Bice said...

That is just too cute. I gotta say it... Ahhhhhh!!!!!

torontopearl said...

(Oriyenta, you have to understand that I love wordplay and puns...)

Great post. So you mean to tell us that Winston will bare all? Hope for your daughter's sake that he can grin and bear it.

(the word verification that just popped up is "shabz" -- like a slangier, street version of saying "shabbos:)

Bart said...

That is so cute... what a great way to start my day. Your blog readership is now up to 8. :)

orieyenta said...

Jessica - Yes, we are still trying to work out the logistics. If we actually dip him I wonder if we will have to daven for him while he is in the clothes dryer!

Ami - Hmm...Rabbinical school? Isn't that only for men? (ducking just in case someone throws something at me for that!)

BN - "Used to be plain." Love that. It's always too cute to hear what our kids come up with.

Jew in OK - OY! I never even thought of the bris thing - if that comes out of her mouth next I am certain the look on my face would be priceless.

Pearl - You're too funny...I'm sure that he will "barely" flinch as he is being dunked in the icy cold water. :)

Bart - thanks, glad to have a number eight.

Jack, Bice and Sona - Glad you enjoyed.

Baleboosteh said...

Lol! What a funny story, you will have to keep us updated on that one!

Ayelet said...

heh. Very cute.

Ayelet said...


miriam said...

What an adorable story.

Neil said...

I think you have a budding Talmudic scholar.

Chana said...

OY! If Winston makes it out of the clothes dryer, he'll have to bentch gomel! ;)

Amy Guth said...

Orieyenta! What an adorable little one your LO is!

DrMom said...

I assume that Winston got his name from the Livingston Taylor song

I've got my pajamas on
Before I go to bed I'm going to run around.
I'm standing on my head
And the world is upside down.

Me and Wilson, my teddy bear
We're going to do a lot of wiggling
Before we go upsairs
Watch out you lions you tigers you bears
I've got my pajamas on

Mommy said put em on
I said no
Daddy said let's go
I said all right
I'm clean, I'm warm, I'm out of sight
I've got my pajamas on

I'm in Daddy's lap, fading fast
Wilson, if you want to mess around
You'll have to do it alone
I love being little
And I'll love being grown
I've got my pajamas on.

Love your blog... just found it. Please check mine out when you have a free moment after the holiday...