Monday, December 04, 2006

Does anyone smell latkes?

Well, I am pleased to report that I survived my 1000 latke fiasco. I consider this a modern day Chanukah miracle since I had never made them from scratch before.

I am still in awe of the fact that from this:

I was able to make this:

But don't be too impressed...I enlisted the help of a friend (todah rabah - you know who you are!) who cooks just as well as any gourmet cook you could think of (if not better) and a handful of women from our sisterhood. Potatoes were flying, onions were everywhere and I don't think I am ever going to get rid of the latke smell from my hands, but a good time was had by most.

The only scary moment was when one of them women starting talking about us starting to make hamentschen next month...hey, isn't Purim several months away? I need to get out of the kitchen!


Neil said...

I think your latkes story could be a bestselling book.

Bagel Blogger said...

Latkes ..mmmmmm

I love Latkes. 1,000!
Tell me you used a food processor!

Do you realise that you probably have caused the next oil crisis cooking that many?

regards Bagelblogger
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RaggedyMom said...

Kol Hakavod to you for pulling it off! The nice thing about the hamentaschen idea is that, unlike the latkes, they can be baked in advance and frozen!

Jessica said...

Those look delish! Congrats on getting them all ready. Yay! Um, yeah, the hamentaschen will be a whole other project. I have such a hard time making my hamentaschen staying folded. But there's a few months left to worry about that!!

You are so awesome!

orieyenta said...

Neil - not as good of a bestseller as a book of what goes on inside your head would be!

BB - yes we used a food processor - I heard too many stories of wounded knuckles to try it any other way.

RM and Jessica - thanks! I'll be looking for moral support again once the hamentaschen fiasco begins. (Mine stay folded pretty well but then the space in the center is always teeny tiny!)

I hate to reveal this but we had latkes for dinner last night and LO wanted them again tonight. And...we're going over to someone's house for them for dinner tomorrow night. Let the latke-fest begin. (Oh yeah and I better start running about 10 miles a day more than I usually do or I am going to look like a latke!)

Baleboosteh said...

They look great, Mazel Tov on a great job!