Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Chanukah Surprise

Well, I just got a nice Chanukah surprise. I got an e-mail at work that said that I was going to receive a one time bonus. I've been working for my company just shy of 10 years and never in those 10 years have they given us anything but maybe a pen or a t-shirt so I have to say I am VERY surprised.

So - I could be practical and pay some bills with the money or I could do something totally frivilous. are some ideas:

1) I could take a trip somewhere that I have never been like to Denver, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

2) I could have my Lexus serviced since it's about 10,000 miles past due for service.

3) I could give the money to the Salvation Army bellringer that loves Jack so much.

4) I could buy some expensive toy that LO wants which she will play with for 10 minutes before she gets bored of it.

5) I could give it as tzedakah to my shul.

6) I could go and buy a whole bunch of new clothes here, here, or even here.

7) I could support other J-bloggers and go and buy MoChassid's CD, and Psychotoddler's CD, and Elaine Soloway's book, or even get another copy of Amy Guth's book.

So many choices, what's a gal to do?


reflecto said...

So, just what will you decide on? How do you know it is money? Maybe it is a spam email.
Liked your blog. Nice singing I heard. Very nice. Thank you.

Jack's Shack said...

No money to bell ringers. Spend it on you and LO. Enjoy!

Bice said...

How about getting this or this?

orieyenta said...

Reflecto - Have't figured that out yet. The announcement of the bonus came in an e-mail from one of our executives so we know it's not spam. (Yay!) Glad you like my blog!

Jack - I just wanted to see you accost some more bell ringers.

Bice - you are too funny. Who would wear that menorah hat? If I knew where you lived, I would have to send you one.

Bice said...

And that is PRECISELY why you don't know where I live! ::grin::

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bit of mazel! But now you have so many choices. The suggestions you have are great, but you left off one very important option. You could just liquored up and take a cruise! Wouldn't that be fun!

Jack's Shack said...

No problem. I'll report back later.

Debra said...

Love that little girls voice!! So sons think she's quite the catch. A bit too early for a shitach at their age. Glad you got some unexpected $$$ it always comes in handy. I say- go take advantage of all those after the holiday sales and buy something nice for the both of you and with the leftover cash take LO to see "Wicked". I took my daughter and she hasn't stopped singing yet!!

Amy Guth said...

I never thought I would say this, but I love Funky Frum, too!

kollel mama said...

Go splurge!!

RaggedyMom said...

I'm with Kollel Mama - get something fun for you and LO, at least with part of it.

As for the rest, I'm from the "putting your money in a sock under the mattress" school of finances.

Don't tell RaggedyDad I said that, though - for my birthday one year, since he knows I'm such a hoarder, he actually found a huge sock and emptied out $50 in rolls of nickels into it. That was probably my heaviest birthday gift to date.

orieyenta said...

Bice - yeah then you could never be sure what might turn up at your door!

Amishav - I could opt for the cruise but then you would have to come along.

Jack - still waiting for that report!

Debra - she is fond of your little guys too.

Amy - I think that there are a lot of us that do - maybe we just don't like to admit it!

KM and RM - I'll probably end up with a combo of your advice. A little splurging and a little saving (unless of course Amishav wants to join me on a cruise. Hee hee.)