Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Chanukah Song

Neil has hosted a Christmahanukwanzaaka Online Concert in the true spirit of the holiday season.

Since LO loves to sing, how better to wish everyone a Happy Chanukah then by singing "Oh Chanukah"?



Hosted by eSnips

(BTW - since I sang with her this is Kol Isha even though I wouldn't exactly call this singing!)

Oh and here's an added bonus for LO's fans in Boston:


Jessica said...

I love that picture...there's something about the light of flames and that huge smile LO is wearing! Very cute.

And now that there are candles in the round menorah I can truly appreciate how dangerous putting the shamash will be on the 8th night.

Adorable all around!

Jack's Shack said...

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

That is SOO cute! And its very impressive that she knows all the words so well. You are doing a great job as a parent!

Bice said...

Awwww... that is so, so cute! Enjoy these moments because she'll be grown and gone before you know it.

Another meshugannah mommy said...

SOOOOO cute. A true star-in-training.

orieyenta said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone. She brings me so much joy and I am glad I could share a little of it with all of you.

Erica said...

Heeeey...I have the exact same menorah.

Cool beans, and happy belated Hanukkah.