Monday, December 18, 2006


I learned a new Hebrew word today. Usually it a word that is common in a siddur like kadosh (holy), avoteinu (our forefathers), baruch (blessed), etc. But today it was shitafon...FLOOD. After the day that I have had, I am wishing that it was a word that I never learned.

For weeks there has been a little trickle of water coming from the base of my toilet. Instead of instantly calling a plumber I decided to follow in Jessica's footsteps and try to fix this on my own. (My first mistake.) By talking to friends and doing a little internet research I learned that I needed to replace the wax seal. But I decided since it was such a little leak I would wait until after Chanukah. (My second mistake.)

This morning it was leaking A LOT. So I called a friend who offered to help me with this and he said it would be easy and no problem. He went to Home Depot and got everything we needed (he was a hero at that point already because I feel like nothing but a total idiot in that store.) So one of the first things he says is that once he took the toilet apart there might be a shitafon. And I asked, "A what?" Then the F word...FLOOD. Let's just say he wasn't kidding. There was a FLOOD and once we got it all cleaned up and finished, hours later there was another FLOOD and's still leaking so I'm assuming that the FLOOD is not over.

When will I get it into my head that I have a degree in theatre? If you need someone to sing a show tune or tap dance, I'm your gal. I do actuarial work - if you need someone to tell you about insurance rates and loss ratios- I'm your gal. If you need a plumber - I AM NOT YOUR GAL.

Now...does anyone know a good plumber?


Neil said...

Now you know why plumbers charge so much. Jewish Mother 1: "My son is a doctor." Jewish Mother 2: "So what? My son is a plumber!"

Eric Riback said...

Sorry about your flood. I grew up in an apartment and my father knew nothing about fixing stuff. Something went wrong, you called the super. Now I've been a homeowner for many years. The only difference is you have to figure out who to call and then you write a check.

Jack's Shack said...

Sorry, all my connections are here in LA.

Jessica said...

That is awful...what a mess! I have a good plumber up here (he fixed my sink faucet) but that doesn't help you. Good luck to you and LO with your plumbing woes!

orieyenta said... got worse. But now it's fixed....I think. I hope. I pray.