Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Thousand Latkes?!

I'm one of those people who can never say no (well, almost never). I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing but every now and then something happens to make me question my eagerness to always offer and point:

The woman at my Shul who is in charge of our big Chanukah celebration is leaving on a cruise today to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary. Prior to leaving for her big celebration, she sent an e-mail out to the sisterhood members and a bunch of other members asking them to help make latkes this Sunday and next Sunday. She explained that we will need 1000 latkes and how she won't be here this Sunday because she is going on her cruise. Then as I continued to read it said something to the effect of, so if you can help, please contact ... because she will be overseeing everything in the kitchen. I rubbed my eyes and did a double take - did the e-mail really say MY name and have MY e-mail address on it?


I mean...

How did offering to help turn into being in charge?

How does one go about making 1000 latkes?

Can someone tell me how to put a food processor together?

What happens if no one offers to help and I am standing in the shul kitchen alone on Sunday?

Couldn't we have gone with my stereotype and made egg rolls and wonton soup instead? (Oh wait, those aren't traditional Chanukah foods - but at least I know how to make those!)

Does it matter that (as much as I hate to admit it) I have only ever made latkes using the Streit's mix? (Hey...I could never make them from scratch as good as my Grandma Rose Z"L, so I never even tried!)

Don't food issues disqualify me for this position?

The "recipe" she gave me was SO VAGUE (peel potatoes, peel onions, put them in the food processor, mix them with maztoh meal and fry)...should I be really scared?

Oy did this happen to me?


Jessica said...

So you were put in charge without knowing it? WOW. 1000 latkes? WOW.

I'm sure other people will show up and help! I'm one of those people who enjoys this kind of thing AND who doesn't know the word "no." Every community has people like that in it!

I've never made them from scratch either: I'm sure it's easy to do though. I think the hardest part is having the patience to deal with all the potatoes.

Good luck! And somehow it seems appropriate to say Happy Chanukah even though it is a bit early.

orieyenta said...

Thanks Jessica. It will be an interesting experience I am sure.

Jessica said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm sure it will be fun! And make a great story!

Jack's Shack said...

1000 latkes- Time to start exercising now.

Pragmatician said...

My questions would have been how to kepe 1000 latkes warm.
What chtzpah (I think) to put all this in an email instead of a personal call.

Danny said...

OY!! I've been looking through your blog but can't find how this turned out. All I know is that I made about 30 latkes last night and it almost killed me, I literally think you'd need the entire National Guard to make 1000. And if you tried to do it without a food processor you'd have two bloody stumps on the end of your arms. In my own Chanukah tale of woe, I made latkes yesterday for a party this weekend and froze them (that works) but today L.A. is being buffeted by hurricane-like winds and we've had no power all day. I don't think you can refreeze thawed latkes, can you? Help.

Enjoyed your song on Neil's blog!