Wednesday, November 29, 2006

'Tis the season

Each year it seems like my neighbors start decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier. This year they all seemed to start about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Since then it seems that each day I drive through my community there are more and more houses COVERED with lights and decorations and every neighbor seems to be trying to outdo the next. Don't get me wrong, I love the holiday season and we too have decorated our home with our hannukiyot prominently displayed in our windows along with some driedel window clings, but I just can't compete with this:

or this:

I am ok with the fact that in a community of 72 homes where we are the only Jewish family, our house will look surprisingly barren. But a tiny part of me can't help but want to jump into this decorating competition. But am I going to have to resort to this?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about competing! Sometimes less is more! :)

I remember when my mom's housing association tried to get her to light illuminaria because everyone else did, and without her house, the chain was broken. "They are just for decoration!" they told her. Oh, and to light the way for Jesus to return. Ooops.

Jessica said...

I cannot believe that giant menorah.

Part of me is horrified. Part of me wants one for my own yard.

I saw an interesting piece on the news about how much energy is spent on Christmas lights and so forth: it was appalling. And that too is stopping me from joining the decorating craze.