Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Second Annual Thank Your First Commenter Day

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and from the brilliant mind of Neil over at Citizen of the Month, today is the "Second Annual Thank Your First Commenter" Day.

Since I have just a handful of readers I assumed that my first commenter was one of my all time favourite bloggers, Psycho Toddler. With that hat, could you even wonder why he is one of my favourites?

Turns out that I was wrong and my very first commenter was actually Plantation. He wrote, "Hi. Welcome to the crazy blogosphere. Best of luck." He is a talented writer and his blog Chasing the American Dream is also one of my very favourites, so be sure to check him out. So here's my shout out to Todd...thanks for being my first commenter and thanks for your awesome blog. I owe you a Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee (loaded with sweet and low, cinnamon, and half-and-half of course).

(And thanks to Neil for trying to teach us to be gracious to other bloggers.)


PsychoToddler said...

Darn, missed out. Oh well, I tried.

Keep on bloggin'!

I'm glad you liked the song.

Jack's Shack said...

You have to got love the hat.

Plantation said...

Of all the pix of me, you chose that one. Gee thanks :-)

Neil said...

Happy Kosher Thanksgiving!