Monday, April 16, 2007

Where's LO?

LO came home with this class picture in her backpack. For some reason the picture made me giggle...

Can you pick out the Jewish kid in this picture?
(Hint: She's the one wearing the uniform that I've been told makes her look like a Catholic school girl!)


RaggedyMom said...

Great class picture! You've definitely got the cutest kid in the class!

There are very few public schools in NYC that have uniforms. I think the idea is terrific - do all of the Miami district schools have uniforms? Is LO's jumper another uniform option from the list?

Carol said...

The teacher is allowed to wear that? Flip-flops and a sleeveless shirt? Aside from the fact that it's horribly unflattering on her... it just looks unprofessional

orieyenta said...

RM - thanks - I think she's the cutest too (of course I am a little biased though!) I love the uniform concept - it saves money and has pretty much kept her from becoming too materialistic and worried about what she is wearing all the time. Not all the school require uniforms but a majority of them do. The jumper is an option from the list but unlike the other girls she seems to be the only one who usually opts for the jumpers and skirts. Go figure.

Carol - Yes, the teachers basically wear whatever they want. Nice, huh?

Tamara said...

I am a teacher and although we don't have dress codes, I think an adult knows better. My school is also pretty casual but most of dress respectably and on Fridays you will see much more casual wear. For example, I tend to wear a lot of skirts either way. I might wear a denim skirt to my knees with a black tshirt and a little jacket. Or I might wear nice pants and a sweater. On Fridays I'll often wear my jeans. Once in a blue moon I wear flip flops but I still look respectable. Bottom line with this teacher is I think tank tops are out as far school goes. I wish they'd ban them where I teach. I mean, in high school, girl's tanks are like bras! :)

Anyway...cute pic of LO. And yes, she does look like a nice Catholic girl.

VJ said...

I'm with Tamara on this one. Teachers really ought to set the right tone for students. And it works too. Not that it's difficult to get into trouble while the boys are in ties & starched shirts, but it also works well for the kids in the long run. Sure, it's a pain in the butt for some of the kids, but it does save money, and you can wear the same pants for a week if need be, and if they're dark enough, they'll adequately hide the PB&J stains.

Teach was perhaps caught unawares on the picture day, or perhaps has some difficulty finding proper suiting. Or perhaps that's just the way she rolls.

But LO does look cute there in the front row. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

RaggedyMom said...

I was also wondering about the teacher's choice in clothing - particularly for PICTURE DAY (usually scheduled!) I used to choose an outfit that was a little more tasteful and professional.

For the Miami heat, and maybe for casual Friday, I can understand the flip flops-lacy tank-jean capri look, but as a teacher of kids who are all dressed in uniforms, I'd step it up just a bit!

At least LO won't look back at this photo years from now and cringe about her own choice of outfit like the teacher probably will! :)

orieyenta said...

Tamara - I think it's fine not to have a dress code but I agree with you that "an adult knows better".

VJ - the same pair of pants for a week? Ewww. I don't doubt it happens though!

RM - you're right about the heat...however, if the kids can stand the heat maybe the teachers can as well.

As a side note...she is a delightful teacher despite the fact that I disagree with her clothing choices :-)

VJ said...

Oh yeah, if you're living in the inner city/way out in the country, & mommy/daddy work 2-3 jobs and only do laundry by 'pack mule' once a week? It can happen. Plenty of kids only have one good pair of pants. And they usually save those for Sunday's or for special occasions! Cheers, 'VJ'

Momus Anonymous said...

OK, teacher could have tressed up a bit... LO looks like she's ready for college -- and more capable of teaching the class than teacher-too-tight-jeans.