Thursday, April 05, 2007

A LO Pesach moment

(This is a project LO did in Hebrew school. I think her depiction of boils may be my favorite of the lot.)

On the way to our first seder, I explained to LO that since she would most likely be the youngest child there she would be asked to say the "Ma Nistanah". Her Hebrew school class has been practicing it for weeks but I had only heard heard her singing the first verse and the refrain so I wasn't sure if she knew the whole thing or if she would need to read it. Since she is not the quickest reader when it comes to Hebrew, I asked her if she would be ok reading the Hebrew from the Haggadah or if she wanted me to find the transliteration for her. Her response?

"The Cantor told us in Hebrew school that one of the Ten Commandments is that we HAVE to read the Hebrew. It's against the law to read the transliteration."

I smiled and tried not to giggle. I explained that I was sure it was not one of the Ten Commandments but that I was THRILLED that she was choosing to work her way through the Hebrew rather than resorting to the transliteration.

She did a FABULOUS job at both seders. I am still kvelling.


torontopearl said...

She is certainly not a bad artist! I like the cattle pic myself.

The truth is that sometimes we don't know what our kids are capable of until it comes to their moment to shine. My just-turned 7 year old son sang Ma Nishtana, but was embarrassed to do so, and hid his face behind his Haggadah as he sang. However, he very proudly and beautifully read a couple of other paragraphs in Hebrew. I don't know if he's on par with his Grade 1 classmates with regards to that, or superior to them. But I was definitely kvelling.

rivkayael said...

one of my most "kvell at klal yisrael kids" moments at the seder was watching a 7 year old granddaughter of my hosts sing her way through the full birkat hamazon and davenning every word with perfect pronunciation. it brought home this idea that we are redeemed as a nation--these little kids are my kids too, and we are all accountable for bringing them up so that we can become the holy nation we were redeemed to be.
send LO a hearty yasher koach from me!

Chia in Miami said...

My nine year old daughter, and all the other kids at our first Seder, were reminded to only dip the Karpas in salt water double-dipping for more salt. She immediately brought to our attention that the 4 questions permit it, "On this night we dip twice!"

The Babka Nosher said...

To take a Christian phrase and make it ours... They are the reason for the season! I think that their participation in the seder helps keeps the adults interested and invested in the seder. At our first seder I kept reminding people that the purpose of the night was to teach this to our kids. We lose sight of that at times. Mazal Tov to LO!

orieyenta said...

Pearl - I love the cattle pic too. Her drawings always bring a smile to my face. Kids are so amazing. And just from your description, I'm kvelling about your son.

RY - You are so right about our accountability to our kids.

Cia - That is so cute. I am surprised my little one didn't come up with it!

BN - I agree. Watching the kids learn is one of my favourite things about the holidays.

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