Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bring your kid to work day

Thursday was "Bring Your Kid to Work Day" and this was the first year that LO was eligible to go. She was thrilled to go but I couldn't help thinking at the end of the day that kids who's parents do something more exciting than an actuary (like a doctor, a firefighter, or an airplane pilot) must have had more fun than she did. Her big task was to help me with an insurance rate filing for the state of Utah. Good thing for the citizens of Utah that she was in a good mood and didn't want to raise the rates.

She had to fill out a form to bring back to school and she had to have my boss sign it. One of the questions on the form was "What was your favourite part of your parent's job?" She responded, "Talking to her friends." Oh boy, now my boss knows how much I REALLY work.


Hila said...

Ahh I remember the days when I got to go to work with my Dad. Back in the day (wow I feel old saying that!) it was Take Your Daughter To Work Day but then some moron decided that it wasn't PC enough to just encourage people to take their daughters to work, so now its for all kids. No offense, I have nothing against sons being able to go to work with their parents, its just that there is already such an obvious inequity in the gender division of our workforce that I don't really think our boys need any more of a "leg-up" than what they already get. But that's my rant.

I still think that it's a great thing for kids to see what their parents do in the "big people world." My Pappa was an engineer for Boeing when I was younger, so I got to go to the huuuge Seattle plant and play with all kinds of fun stuff. I remember getting some kind of board with what looked like computer chips on it, and I got to use pliers and take it apart. Then my father took me to the hangar and I got to see the machinists putting together a plane, and in the test lab I got to see him run all kinds of tests on stuff. It was so awesome!

I am sure LO thinks your job is the coolest--all kids think that about their parents when they are young, thats one of the best things about them! :-)

RaggedyMom said...

It's great that you took LO to work with you. Now when she thinks of you there all day, she has something tangible to connect it to in her mind.

Ann knows that RaggedyDad usually works in midtown Manhattan, but occasionally downtown. She tells me that when she grows up, her job is going to be "in midtown and downtown." That's about as much of an idea as she's got about what he does.

And since he goes to school part-time, she's probably picturing that as something involving snack, circle time, and a playground!

Jack's Shack said...

So I blew up the picture so that I could see the pictures you have placed around your desk.

That PHD guy and LO got all sorts of play, but there is not one picture of the Shack.

I feel so rejected. ;)

On a serious note, I used to love going to work with my father. I have vivid memories of carrying my lunch box and telling my mother I'd be home for dinner.

RaggedyMom said...

Jack, you reminded me that I loved going to my father's appliances store on Sundays. I loved seeing that there was a picture of me there, and I remember nagging him to tell me whether anyone ever remarked about it! He'd try to keep me busy arranging the accessory displays of Parker pens and sunglasses, and the ancient adding machine was a total thrill to use!

Anonymous said...

memories. . . .ah geshmak

orieyenta said...

Hila - I remember when it was bring your daughter to work day as well! Your Dad's job sounded way more exciting than mine though!

RM - Hmm...that means she thinks I'm over here socializing all day (i should have blogged while she was here!) I wonder how Raggedy Dad like snack and circle time at school? What a sweet story about going to your Dad's appliance store!

Jack - there's lots of pictures of the just can't see them in that pic ;)

FB - Exactly :)

Anonymous said...

That's a cute story. But really. She shouldn't do the people in Utah any favors. I mean, do they deserve any? More than the folks in Florida? No...bad question...NEXT!!!