Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream

I had insomnia the other night so I went as downstairs. Of course I had to go in and check on LO because she is so darn adorable when she is sleeping. (Oh, alright, she is pretty darn adorable when she is awake too.) I kissed her on the forehead and started to leave her room. Just as I reached the door she started talking...

"Yes - I'll have some chocolate ice cream and cookies. Oh and I'll have manicotti too."

Yep - talking in her sleep....about food. That's my kid. (Guess she was having milchig!)


SuperRaizy said...

Hi, Orieyenta!
Thank you for sending the invite. Your blog is very interesting and I plan on coming back often.
What's with the post about the chupah- are you getting married?
BTW, your daughter is very cute.

Another meshugannah mommy said...

A child after my own heart!

orieyenta said...

SR - You're very welcome! Yes - we are getting married in 3 weeks. And thanks - I think she's cute too (most of the time!)

AMM - me too!

SuperRaizy said...

Oh- I didn't realize that you were getting married. Congratulations!