Friday, May 04, 2007

LO's first sleepover

While LO has gone to many sleepovers at her friends' homes, I have managed to avoid actually hosting one of these giggle-fests for quite some time. Unlike Babka Nosher, Chana, Pearl, Trepp, Raggedy Mom, Jack, and especially PT, I am not one of those "Supermoms" (or "Superdads") who can manage more than one child at a time. Sometimes I can barely keep up with myself and LO so I am always in awe of those who can manage more and still remain sane.

I knew that there would come a day when I would have to give in and let her host her own sleepover. When she and I were discussing it with PHD, her biggest dilemma was which one of her two best friends she should invite. He told her not to worry about picking one or the other just to invite both! (I am certain I shot him a very evil look when he said this.)

And so last weekend, LO hosted her first sleepover. There was swimming, hot dogs and tater tots, brief moments of banging on the piano, movies, and a WHOLE LOT of giggling and screaming. (And I survived to tell the story.)

(Hey, couldn't they be a poster for the United Nations?)

They all had a great time but I heard from the teachers that there were some pretty sleepy girls at Hebrew School on Sunday. Oops!


torontopearl said...

Whoa! Back up there, lady. I am NOT a Supermom; I'm married to a Superdad (thank G-d), but I'm the furthest thing from a Supermom...and I envy and admire those mothers who have their act together and can stay pretty calm throughout. My middle name is FRAZZLED, didn't you know? But thanks for that case of mistaken identity.

I think sleepovers with girls are not as bad as sleepovers with boys; when my kids have friends over, I still set rules and we have perimeters. But when my oldest son goes to a sleepover party, I rephrase it simply to PARTY. Barely, or no sleeping at all. My son is a zombie for a good two days after that. A couple years ago, he even started to sleepwalk as a result of one of those so-called sleepover parties.

treppenwitz said...

I'll let you in on a little trade secret: It's all done with smoke, mirrors... and a few well-paid midgets.

Now you know.

The Babka Nosher said...

treppenwitz stole my witty response. So I simply say DITTO! (especially about the midgets... a wonderfully underused commodity).

Annie said...

So cute! You know I used to tell my dad (when he told us to go to sleep) that it wasn't really a "sleepover," it was a "talkover,"
because you come to talk and not to sleep.

Z said...

How sweet :) We've never had a "sleepover" except with Evan's I am clueless about them. But it sounds like she had a ball!

mac said...

Those 'First's' are always fun (even if exhausting). Enjoy every last one of them. They'll be memories that will last a lifetime.

RaggedyMom said...

Those pictures are adorable! I remember that one girl who was always somehow at the same sleepovers that I went to had a pair of pajamas with a tinkly-soundng zipper. All through the night, I thought there was a dog somewhere nearby and it put me on edge!

As for being in any kind of super category, I am certainly not there, but striving to do my best with my brood. My mother is super-organized, so I try to achieve some fraction of her methods when they work for me! It helps that the little ones entertain each other (when they're not fighting!), though since they're both quite small, sometimes this place feels like a crazy house!