Monday, March 19, 2007

Passing over just like Passover

I am not sure how popular these are elsewhere, but here in Miami you can hardly go anywhere that you don't see a child whizzing by on Heelys. (They are actually so popular for the kids and so distracting that many of the schools have banned the wearing of them during the school day!) For those of you who don't know what they are, they are sneakers that have wheels in the heels, hence the name "Heelys". As is any trend for kids these days, they are not inexpensive, but I gave in and got LO a pair. LO loves to skate (or heel as the case may be) around in these any time there seems to be an open space large enough (and much to my chagrin, even when the space isn't large enough.)

Yesterday we went to the large chain (non-Kosher) grocery store. It's not the one closest to our house but it's the one with the largest Kosher section and the only one in our area that carries fresh Kosher meats. We were surprised to walk in and find one of the largest Pesach sections we have ever seen in this store. LO was thrilled with what I can only describe as the Kosher chocolate aisle. Her favorites are the dark chocolate dinosaurs, which just so happened to be right at her height so she could grab several boxes. So, as I was filling the basket in preparation for Peasch, she was skating around me and all the other Pesach shoppers giving them a good rendition of Ma Nistanah followed by her version of Dayenu (let's just say that other than the actual word "Dayenu", I don't think any of the other words she said were Hebrew.) At one point as she was passing me by - she said, "Mama, I'm passing over just like Passover."

I had to laugh and just shake my head at this show she was giving the other shoppers. Where else in the world can you find a Chinese kid on skates rolling around the Pesach section at the grocery store and singing Pesach songs?


The Babka Nosher said...

By us, a lot of places are banning Heely's - not just schools. None of the indoor malls allow them. Most of the outdoor shopping centers don't want them either... they are afraid the kids will fall on their property and that the parents will sue

RaggedyMom said...

I doubt I'd have the coordination to skate, shop, and sing like that! Some of your descriptions of the charming things LO does make me convinced that a sitcom about your lives is one I'd love to watch!

bice said...

Where else in the world can you find a Chinese kid on skates rolling around the Pesach section at the grocery store and singing Pesach songs?


I suspect it's as rare as a Big Foot sighting in Miami. :)

Annie said...

Orieyenta- that is super-cutie, it almost makes me look forward to pesach. Almost.

Anonymous said...

Here in my school, they are in fact banned, and if any kid has them on, the are promptly removed. The shoes. Not the kid. Good thing you don't let her have a gas-powered scooter. That would be pretty wild- hell on wheels singing HaTikvah. Oh yeh!

torontopearl said...

I like RaggedyMom's comment about a sitcom. I second that motion!

Your daughter is not simply a daughter...she's a character -- with such joie de vivre. Great to see how spunky she is. She definitely keeps you on your toes, huh?

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

Where else in the world can you find a Chinese kid on skates rolling around the Pesach section at the grocery store and singing Pesach songs?

Hopefully more, soon.
But on the other topic - I'm not exactly a little kid, but I really really want a set of these - I love the idea of shoes with wheels (although I have to be honest, I'd really prefer a set with two wheels - the idea of rolling on my heel seems a little unstable for me).
Go, LO!

orieyenta said...

BN - That's interesting - I can see how they can stop it at school but wonder how they can control this at other places.

RM - I'm with you, I doubt I could skate, shop and sing like her. She would certainly make a funny sitcom.

Bice - I bet we could find one of those on South Beach!

Annie - Almost? I'm right there with you.

Ami - It would be cooler if they promptly removed the kid ;-)

Pearl - Yes - she is quite the character and she keeps me on my toes and a whole lot of other things too!

KRG - I want them too but I think I would look meshugganah. The two wheel thing might make it easier though.

Jack's Shack said...

My nephew loves his. I keep wondering when my son is going to ask for his own.

miriam said...

I want my own set! All the other kids around here have them--why should they have all the fun?

Yo, Yenta said...

I agree with Miriam! I want my own pair with shiny purple laces! S'okay, I keep up with my kid and his Heelys (bought by his easily manipulated bubbe) on roller blades :)