Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little shluf

Danny has already posted basically what I feel about this whole Daylight Savings Time thing and I hate to kvetch but....LO and I are REALLY tired and could use a little shluf!

LO has Hebrew school on Tuesdays. Since I have to go to work early so I can leave early to get her to Hebrew school on time, we get up earlier on Tuesdays than we do the rest of the week. When I went to wake LO up this morning, she basically rolled over and pretended she didn't hear me. When I finally succeeded in waking her, she sat up and said, "It's dark outside, I have to go to school in the dark?" Even with my sleep-clouded mind she managed to make me giggle.

And so here I sit having had at least a gallon of coffee trying to stay awake at work and trying not to think about how tired I am and trying not to think about how Pesach cleaning is just around the corner. Oy, does it feel like a Monday.


Jack's Shack said...

I feel your pain.

torontopearl said...

I'm still trying to avoid the cleaning, but I know I have to start somewhere... Maybe if I wouldn't blog so much or read other blogs, I'd manage to make headway and use my time wisely. (thx for that link)

RaggedyMom said...

The time change is rough. How do I get my kids to go to sleep at 6:30 like they have the whole winter when it's not quite dark yet then, and getting lighter out by the day? :)

Baal Devarim said...

A friendly tip from a drive-by accidental reader: Shlaf translates as 'sick' (although this word is out of vogue with many contemporary Yiddish speakers who prefer krahnk instead). The word you're looking for is shluf, which is 'sleep'. Confusing, I know, but hey, so is life in general. ;-)

Hila said...

Amen, sister! I am a college student, so my sleep schedule is already pretty wacked out. Now I gotta get used to this time change--puhhhhllleeease! *sigh*...can't we just, y'know, get rid of DST?

orieyenta said...

Jack - I'm sure you do ;-)

Pearl - I say nothing like a little blogging to keep our minds off of Pesach cleaning!

RM - 6:30? Oh my! If only I could have ever got LO into bed that early!

BD - Thanks for the Yiddish lesson. I pronounce it as you have spelled it but when I searched for a transliteration on Google, "shlaf" is what I found, but I changed it anyway :-)

Hila - I'm with you - let's get rid of it!