Wednesday, March 14, 2007

LO's Pre-Pesach Babbling

(My shiksa niece when I introduced her to matzah last Pesach!)

As many of you know, LO LOVES to talk. I often marvel at how much she talks because I feel like if my mouth moved as much as hers does, my jaws would hurt. Following Hebrew school yesterday, Pesach was clearly on her mind. In between her singing eight million refrains of "Halaileh hazeh, halaileh hazeh" here is some of what I heard from the back seat of my car:

"Eww...are we going to have to eat that ickity stuff on the matzah again?" (I'm assuming she meant maror.)

"No bread right? How about bagels? Ok, how about challah? about pita?" She named just about every bread product she could think of and I just kept saying no over and over until she said, "NO MATZAH BALL SOUP???" I automatically said no and then started to giggle since she caught me off guard.

And since we were on the subject of food...

"Can I have matzah with salami in my lunchbox? Can you make me maztah pizza? What else can you make me?"

Oy...what will drive me meshugganah first? The Pesach babbling or the Pesach cleaning?

*BTW - since we live in a predominately Spanish speaking city, one of the children at Hebrew school giggles every time they sing "haleilah hazeh kulo matzah". I shudder to think about the day that LO figures out what that word translates into in Spanish.


rivkayael said...

Pre-Pesach fooding: fettucine with peanut butter and soy sauce. broccoli with peanut butter and soy sauce. rice with peanut butter and soy sauce. Everything to finish up the peanut butter and soy sauce. And then freaking out about Pesach itself--how does a lactose intolerant vegetarian survive during Pesach and *GASP* how does an Asian survive a WEEK WITHOUT SOY SAUCE???!! *head in hands* urgh.

Tamara said...

Kulo matzah....ROFLMAO

I decide to be Sephardic during Pesach; being a vegetarian this allows me to eat soy and such. I have no guilt or harsh feelings about it. G-d gets me and I go through the whole shebang with cleaning and preparation.

Anonymous said...

Tree nuts instead of legumes.

Almond butter instead of peanut butter.

Almond milk instead of soy milk.

rivkayael said...

thank goodness, i follow sephardic minhag. i really don't see a halachic problem with kitnyot...the only reason why i would actually avoid it would be for shalom bayit (picture Ashkenazi professor staring at me in horror last Pesach as I was happily munching on corn). Oops =) Problem is that if you actually want to be machmir about it outside E"Y, there are no kosher for Pesach soy and rice products. Even the quinoa I buy has a warning sticker that it is processed with wheat...ugh.

orieyenta said...

RY - We sure do have our challenges as Asian Jews don't we? It's all good though. I don't eat it but I heard that there is quinoa that is kosher for Pesach. Are you talking about one and the same?

Tamara - I think you may be the only one who gets it. LOL

Anon - thanks for the tips.