Monday, November 05, 2007

The foot washer

LO came upstairs this morning to talk to PHD (who being retired, was still asleep in bed!) I noticed that her nails needed to be cut and so I told her to come into the bathroom with me. I guess I have never realized that she has never been in the bathroom upstairs. She came in the bathroom and exclaimed, "Wow! You have a foot washer in here!" I was like, "Huh?" And then I realized that she was looking at the bidet.

(I don't know why I am never ready for these moments. And is it bad that this bathroom post made me think of Jack?)

So I replied, "That's not a foot washer - that's where you shave your legs." I could hear PHD laughing as he overheard the conversation. And I can already picture it day she'll be married and her husband will find her shaving her legs in the bidet. Lovely.


Hila said...

Oy. Hilarious, but oy. For what it's worth, I know plenty of young adults (my age range--21-25) who don't really understand what a bidet is, either. So maybe LO's future husband will think she is right? ;-)

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

Actually, I think that's an excellent use for a bidet.

The Babka Nosher said...

It took me many years to figure out what the weird, seatless toilet in my aunt's bathroom was for!

Jack's Shack said...

I would have told her it is water fountain for dogs.

Rivster said...

This is no joke. When I went to Europe for the first time (I was 11 years old at the time), I saw a bidet for the first time and asked our hosts what it was. Bewildered, they stated that it was to wash one's feet.

Fast forward 20 years -- I was in Germany on a Rabbinic mission and mentioned to my dad how I loved a hotel that provided weary travellers with a way to refresh their feet.

Don't think I'd seen him that speechless...ever!