Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Homework or Lunchbox?

(Illustration by David Shannon- one of LO's favorite authors)

This morning as I was walking in the parking lot on the way to my office, another mother from LO's school was driving by and stopped her car near me. She rolled down her window and said, "I thought you might want to know that your daughter is crying." This took me by surprise as I had dropped her off only minutes ago and when I left she was happily waving, blowing kisses, and saying "I love you" as she went to her classroom.

She told her friend's mother that she had left her homework at home. I was confused by this since I remember her specifically telling me last night that she was double checking everything in her backpack to make sure that she had all of her homework.

Since she is always on the "A" Honor Roll and one of the top students (yes - I'm kvelling) I figured that I could call the teacher and she would give her a break for this one time. So I called the school. I explained to her what happened and she basically said it was no big deal. She then let me talk to LO. As LO was coming to the phone, I could hear her crying. I could also hear her teacher telling her, "I hope that crying isn't because of your homework, who cares about your homework? You don't need to cry sweetie." Through her tears she told me that she left her homework on the table. I knew this wasn't the case because the table was empty when we left. Turns out that she left her whole backpack in the car when she got out of the car at school this morning...she did, however, remember to take her lunchbox. Nice to know where her priorities are.

If only leaving my homework at home could be my biggest problem.


RaggedyMom said...

Since my mother doesn't drive, growing up, I had a perpetual fear about leaving homework and/or lunch behind.

LO sounds so sweet - it can be really panic-inducing for a studious kid to have left something behind!

Jessica said...

Poor thing...that would be so scary to left her homework behind!

But as you said, at least she had her lunchbox!

Ro said...

It's a far far better thing to leave your homework somewhere else than it is your lunch box.

I hope she started to feel better soon after that.

orieyenta said...

Well, the good thing is that I can be sure that she'll never leave it behind again!

Lefty said...

The perfect way to guarantee my son will forget something is to remind him not to forget. I don't know how that works, but it does--almost every time.

Ayelet said...

I know this is not the point, but the teacher's comment to LO sruck me as being insensitive. It was a big deal to her obviously. A little validation could have gone a long way, I think, and would perhaps have calmed LO down enough to listen to the teacher explain that it wasn't a problem that she didn't have her homework today.

orieyenta said...

Lefty - been there, done that, left lots of stuff behind :)

Ayelet - I agree. It seemed a little harsh but I think she meant well. She jsut didn't quite chose her words right. (Something I too am guilty of sometimes!)