Tuesday, June 20, 2006

MMM take TWO

I thought that last week's "Morning Mom Moments" were fun but today took the cake...

We started out our usual ten minutes late and as we rushed to the car, I looked up at the beautiful blue sky. TEN minutes later (and just less than 7 miles away) as we pulled into LO's school, the sky turned pitch black and the rain was so torrential that I could hardly see the front of the car. Being the prepared mom that I am, I turned to get an umbrella from the back seat only to discover (yep - you guessed it) no umbrella - not even this one

which would be a little humiliating as I walked in to my "Corporate America" office this morning, but I would have done it if I absolutely had to. So - LO and I decided we would sit in the car in the parking lot at the school for a while and maybe it would let up. Twenty minutes later we were still there and she was no longer singing along with the songs on the radio and looking quite unhappy. I decided to drive back home to get some umbrellas. So, we did but it took longer than expected because of the rain and because of all of the lovely Miami drivers. But finally with umbrellas in tow, we headed back to the school. When we got to the school, the gate was closed.

I buzzed the intercom.
No answer.
I buzzed it again and waited a minute.
No answer.
I buzzed it again while dialing the school on the phone.
No answer at both.

Now I am wondering what the heck is going on. Then it dawned on me...it was a field trip day. LO missed the bus. We drove to where the field trip was and luckily we were able to find our group. The camp director let LO join the group (even though he technically wasn't supposed to - shhh! don't tell!) but not until after he chided me thoroughly for my lovely morning so far. I finally got to work and only TWO hours late.

Oh please, oh please may it be sunny tomorrow and may the Miami Heat win tonight!


Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

The umbrella is adorable--and so is LO (I assume that is who the picture is of?)

Have a better day today!

PsychoToddler said...

A field trip in the rain?

orieyenta said...

Yes that's LO with her pink umbrella. And I agree...she is adorable...sometimes too darn adorable!

Since it can go from sunny to pouring rain here in the blink of an eye, field trips seems to be rain or shine. The price we pay for living somewhere that winter means anything less than 80 degree weather!