Tuesday, January 08, 2008

If this was terrorism, we'd be dead

(Ooo - two posts in one day. I can't believe it myself...next thing you know Fudge will be finding her luggage.)

We're home from school and work. My company closed around 11:30 am today. Apparently there was a bomb threat. We have had fire drills and evacuation drills but this was nothing like those drills. At 11:05 am someone in my department was running through the department telling everyone to get their stuff, go get their kids, and to leave. Well, you know it doesn't take much to get me to take the day off from work, but I wasn't buying it. I asked around, "How could they be evacuating the building and there is no alarm or company announcement?" No one could answer.

Please keep in mind that my building has around 1700 employees, so this is no small company.

I called my boss. He said he hadn't heard anything. Meanwhile all around me people are packing up their things and running towards the elevator.

I went to the Life Chief Actuary. He said he hadn't heard anything. But then as the words were coming out of his mouth, his secretary said, "Security just called and we need to evacuate." Out I went. Not using the elevator like all the others but hurrying down the stairs.

Out in the parking lot I saw a group of actuaries. I headed over to find out that while the Life Chief Actuary said to go home for the day, the Property and Casualty Chief Actuary told her people not to leave. WTF?

There were policemen and police cars everywhere. LO's school is on the same property as my office building - when I went to pick her up there it was pure chaos. Once I had LO in the car and was heading home, I glanced at the parking lot of my building which was now gridlocked with people trying to get out.

Still, no one knows what is going on. And I'm just sitting here at home in disbelief that in this day of creepy terrorists, my company as well as my daughter's school had no plan to handle this type of situation.

People often tell me that it's not safe to go to Israel. I say it seems as though it's more unsafe for me to go to work. And really if there is an anti-terror squad like this, is there any argument that Israel is the safer place?


The Babka Nosher said...

How scary! Did you tell LO what was going on?

orieyenta said...

Yes I told her. She was a little freaked out but I felt like I had to tell her since all the kids at school were talking about it.