Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where would you honeymoon?

PHD and I had a discussion the other day about honeymoon destinations. My first thought was Israel. (Does that surprise anyone?) He said that we would take many trips to Israel but that it was not the most romantic of destinations. (I'm not so sure I agree with that BTW.)

So I asked, "Where else then?" Hawaii? Too cliche. Paris? Been there, done that. Disney World? Nah. Bali? South Africa?

If you could choose anywhere in the world to go where would you go? Or for those of you who are married, where did you go? Or if money, time, and/or kids were not an issue where would would you vacation? Inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

Take it from a fellow actuary... Israel can definitely be romantic.

(My wife and I honeymooned in Laguna Beach, CA, which was great, but Israel's my recommendation)

treppenwitz said...

I'm with you! PHD sounds like quite a catch but he needs a little guidance in the romance department.

Start your trip with a few days at the Carmel Forest Spa near Haifa. Cell phones are banned... they have every kind of spa treatment imaginable... and everyone walks around the beautiful grounds all day in plush robes. The food is to die for as well!

Do a wine tour of the Golan Heights and the art Galleries in Tzfat (Safed). Plan some time on the beach in Tel Aviv or Natanya and maybe do some horseback riding in the Galilee.

A jeep tour in the Negev is always fun and star gazing in that desert is unparalleled since there is no light pollution to obscure the night sky.

Eilat has scuba diving (even for novices) and lots of water sports... and if you are looking to do some shopping, the entire area around Eilat is a tax free zone!

Of course no trip to Israel would be complete without a Shabbat in Jerusalem at one of the wonderful hotels that are within walking distance of the old city and the kotel.

and then of course, there's chez treppenwitz... :-)

Z said...

New Zealand - absolutely.

Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad said...

My wife and I had our belated honeymoon by taking a kosher cruise in Alaska. Very scenic, lots to do on and off the ship.

Annie said...

I like the idea of going to Israel, or somewhere you can share a meaningful experience. There is something about standing together at sites that are hundreds or thousands of years old, continuing the history of our people that just can't be matched anywhere else, not even somewhere as beautiful as Bali.

Also, this way you could support the Israeli economy, and bring back fun presents for your readers!

Sona said...

It was not for my honeymoon but for my twentieth anniversary. Try New Zealand. This is a very middle class country where the language is understandable and the country beautiful. People were nice and the mix of cultures fascinating. We rented a car and just wandered.

Jack's Shack said...

I am a huge fan of Maui, but I'd go back to Israel before Hawaii.

The Babka Nosher said...

I agree with the majority, Israel is definitely romantic. My second choice would be to do what my cousin did a couple of years ago... They went to South Africa and spent some time in a very posh safari resort. Once in a lifetime experience!

Anonymous said...

I'll second the motion on the alaskan cruise. It's an amazing trip, and one whose expense can only be justified for a honeymoon!

Naomi said...

We went to France. It was beautiful! Lots to see and do. We stayed in b&bs and experienced all the culture we could!

Marli said...

Israel would be my first response, too, but I think somewhere in Italy (Firenze, Venezia, perhaps) would be romantic as well.

I don't really recommend anywhere in California. I'm Californian and the entire state is one big middle-classed tourist trap.

If you're outdoorsy, maybe try a camping trip somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Hawaii definitely.

Anonymous said...

AUstralia- Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef... But if you're looking for something a bit closer, Venice. Its beautiful and romantic.

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

IF you're doing Hawaii, the island you want is Kauai. HAnds down, no argument possible.

My spouse and I did Costa Rica, but we also did it a year late, and with my in-laws, so that might not be quite what you're going for. It was a great trip though. Especially if you like outdoorsy things.

I personaly can't see what would be wrong with Israel - especialy up north, which is lovely - or say a week in Sukkah Bamidbar, but if he's set on not going, my choice would be....hmmm...Australia, I think. It really depends on what you find romantic. I personally like to hike.

torontopearl said...

Is LO coming along on a honeymoon?? ;)

We honeymooned in St. Maarten in the Caribbean -- it's 1/2 French, 1/2 Dutch and just idyllic. And there are other lovely islands to take a day trip to -- we went to Saba via a high-speed hovercraft; Saba is Dutch-owned and has a beautiful rain forest.

My husband had hoped we might do a Costa Rican Eco-Beach honeymoon -- one week on an Eco tour, the second week at a beach resort. But we didn't have two weeks to spend!

Not that I've been, but Vancouver, British Columbia is supposed to be beautiful, too!

How about Spain, or Italy...?

shoshana (bershad) said...

Yeah, I'm with Pearl. I wouldn't go to Israel on this trip for one simple reason: LO would be miserable if you went there without her! Better to save that trip for another time.

How about New England or eastern Canada?

Ways of Zion said...


even with both sets of parents and 2 kids under 4 it was romantic when we went! I'm trying to convince Hubby to take me back for a week for our 10th anniversery!

orieyenta said...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I knew there were bunches of you out there who would agree with ME on the Israel issue. And I think PHD could be persuaded, so Israel is still at the top of my list (but Shoshana is right, LO would NEVER forgive us if we went to Israel WITHOUT her!)

Umm...I neglected to mention that he went to New Zealand on his last honeymoon, so I think we can safely cross that one off our list.

The other suggestions sound great...we'll keep them in mind!

Yehudi Hilchati said...

My wife & I took a very simple but affordable belated honeymoon in New Hampshire & Maine. Stayed in a cabin for a few days and spent shabbat in Portland. It was wonderful!

The "classic" honeymoon destinations are all about sighteeing, and you end up on a very beaten track with thousands of other loud tourists.

It's much more romantic (not to mention much cheaper) to pick some mountainous region with quaint towns somwhere along the east coast of the US, (maybe Georgia, not such a long drive for you), rent a secluded cabin with a hot tub, sleep late in the mornings, and spend your days hiking, seeing some historical sites, restoration villages and quaint towns, and sitting wrapped together in blankets in front of a fireplace at night.

When are you getting married? If it's summer, you can go further north and to a higher elevation for the cool mountain air!

lnc said...

For someone like you, I would recommend Transylvania.

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

After seeing the person who posted Spain, I would have to say - yes! Spain is great. The people are lovely -not nearly as neurotic about people badly pronouncing their language as the French (they're happy you're trying,a nd it's less difficult to start with) and southern Spain is rich with all kinds of interesting history - some of it Jewish. Don't miss Toledo or Sevilla or Cordoba!
ALso, small towns in the north near Portugal are pretty and interesting.
Oh, yes, and it's beautiful. Food might be interesting, though. When I went I did all my food at the early morning markets -if you're on a honeymoon, though, waking up that early may not be an option

Sue the Jew from Kalamazoo said...

My vote is for sure for Israel #1. But didn't you say you and LO were going to Israel with a group from your shul? What happened to that trip? Love your blog. Sue

Jack's Shack said...

If you want to simulate a trip to New Zealand I have an easy way to do that.

Go visit a kibbutz in Israel, more specifically you need to go visit the sheep. While there you can play a tape of some Kiwi speaking about anything.

And voila, you have made it to New Zealand.

El said...

OK from best friend El here goes. We went to London. We hired a driver the first day who took us to all the sites. Then we did what we wanted for the rest of the visit. Great honeymoon, great marriage, still going strong.
How 'bout INC. I hear Transylvania is a favored spot of stalkers. This comment sounds an awful lot like one of your abusive former boyfriends. Boy am I glad you found PHD. He is everything that stalker-boy isn't. G-d Bless PHD for making you understand how loving a man can be and how wonderful a loving relationship is. Not all men are stalkers and abusers. Those people deserve to be in jail.

jew in ok said...

i would love to go to alaska, so that would be my vote. if you want a beautiful beach without leaving the state, head up to flagler beach. it's incredible being on a beach in florida and the closest person near you is 1000 yards away.

of course, if you can't make it to israel, you can always visit the old country - brooklyn is beautiful this time of year.

Neil said...

We went to Spain, which was great, but in retrospect, was not the perfect honeymoon location. After getting married, you are pretty much exhausted from all the hullabaloo, and sightseeing, etc. is not always what you want just then. We thought Hawaii or something relaxing would be boring, but it probably would have been a better choice.

Robert J. Avrech said...

You have to ask? Brooklyn.

Jacob Da Jew said...

I went to Israel for my honeymoon.

DaWife was a birthright leader so even though I lived in IL for seven years, she knew how to tour much better.

We rented a car and drove all over for 2 weeks. From the Golan down to Masaada.

Fun fun fun. Esp. since you are taking LO with you.

Avrom said...

My wife and I took a "quasi" honeymoon (i.e. it was only two days so it wasn't full fledged) in Niagara Falls, which is convinient if you live in Toronto like I do (only 2 hours away).
We went in January when there are no crowds and the hotel rates are cheaper. The constant spray from the falls fell on everything and then froze to form a very interesting layer of ice over everything (including our coats).
The only downside is that many attractions are closed during the winter.