Monday, July 17, 2006

The Missing Wallet

My little sister called me this morning. The first words I heard after I said hello were, "I am FREAKING OUT!" She went on to explain that she couldn't find her wallet and that there was several hundred dollars in cash in it.

I wanted to say, "Hey - don't you know where the bank is?" But instead I tried to be the supportive sister and help her figure out where it might be. I asked her where she remembered using it last. She said it was yesterday when she brought my niece to the park for a pony ride. After the pony ride they went to our mom's house and then they went home. She had searched her home, her car, and our mother's house. No sign of it. She had even called the park to see if someone had turned it in. (With all that money in it, I was skeptical that anyone would be honest enough to turn it in. ) But no one had turned it in.

Frantic with her mind filled with thoughts of all the delightful things her credit cards must be buying for someone at the moment, she headed off to work.

I just got another phone call from her. She has her wallet back. When I asked where she found it, she explained that it was at the park and someone had turned it in. I figured ths meant, the money was gone. She went on to say,"I really think your people found it and turned it in." A little confused by this comment, I said "What?" She said, "Remember how I told you that when we go to the park there are all these families there with the long skirts and yarmulkes? They must have found it and turned it in." Oh that must be it...the honest "frummies". I guess that's a stereotype we can all live with for once.

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Yocheved said...

I love it! Once, during the week of Purim, I was living in Israel and had been celebrating a bit too hard. I left my wallet in a cab and woke up to realize that I had a flight to England in three hours and no money or credit cards. I called my boss to let him know that I would be coming in to work after all. He said, I was about to call you. Someone found your wallet in a cab and the only number you had in it was mine! He is meeting me in twenty minutes with your wallet. Seems a "frummie" had gotten in, found it, and was thrilled to find a mitzvah such as returning a lost wallet to a sad little American student working abroad! :)