Monday, September 10, 2007

Sweet like apples and honey

I'm sure I am not alone in feeling a little meshugganah this week. I can't believe that the holidays are just a few days away. I definitely feel like I am far from being prepared. Yesterday I sat staring at my recipe book trying to figure out what to make...kasha varnishkes? kishke ala Juggling Frogs? plain honey cake? chocolate honey cake? kugel? many choices.

Since I am sure the week isn't going to get less hectic, I thought I'd go ahead and share our Rosh Hashanah picture from this year...I got a good giggle from comparing it to last year's picture here. I still think she is just as sweet as apples and honey.

LO, PHD and I wish you and your families L'Shanah Tovah and Ktiva v'Chatima Tova.


Z said...

She really IS growing up isn't she? :) I made a pomegranate and some sort of nut chicken one year...awesome. Now we have a standing invite for ALL holidays at friends' so we're never home. But I don't feel ready yet either. I have to get Ev shoes tonight and check out my duds. Fortunately, I can go a bit I don't sweat to death because you just KNOW it will be hot :) Lshana tovah!!!

Annie said...

Fortunately I'm going to CJ's family for chag, so I don't have to do much cooking. However, my mom decided to send them some honey cake, just in case they didn't have enough!

Jack's Shack said...

Shana tovah.

Jessica said... that a honey crisp apple LO is holding? I love those things.

Lshanah tova!